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Lawn Care & Maintenance

Ever wonder why someone else's lawn is so much thicker and greener? Everyone knows to water their lawn, plants, etc. during dry periods, but the key to lush healthy plants is in the fertilization. The type of plant determines the rate and frequency at which fertilization should be applied.
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Landscape Maintenance

Another way to protect gardens from harsh conditions is to keep the soil healthy. By having healthy soil, you are rest assured that it can provide sufficient water during hot weather. Apart from that, healthy soil also helps plants to grow better roots, which can help reduce the risks of erosion and allow plants to be sturdier to help them withstand strong rains and winds.
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Commercial Landscaping

If you are not ready to embark on a commercial landscaping project then you could consider a simple lawn service from Charlotte Landscaping Services, which would improve the look of your garden or grounds without all the expense of landscaping. Lawn care is important and lawn maintenance can be very affordable with the current equipment and procedures. For more information about landscaping about lawn maintenance, head over to and check out our landscaping services or call us.
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Tree Trimming

Tree trimming service isn't just good for your property's appearance; it's also good for the trees. Removing diseased and insect-infested branches and limbs can keep problems from spreading to the entire tree. Additionally, dying and diseased limbs can sap nutrients from the healthy part of the plant, and thus removing limbs that can't be saved can make the entire tree stronger.

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